tandem paragliding

Lake Bled is an Alpine gem caught up in the middle of this stunning mountain landscape. With a famous Bled island and castle on the rock surrounded by the highest mountain peaks is the place to see while exploring Slovenia. However, the rich history and wild unspoiled nature are not the only attributes to the Bled city. Lake Bled has adventure written all over the place.

The unique way to joint the best views and a pinch of adrenalin is tandem paragliding over Lake Bled.

Best time for Lake Bled paragliding tandems

The best time to fly paragliding tandems is from May to October when the weather is the most stable and the warm atmosphere enables us the thermal soaring. Anyway, paragliding is possible any time of the year as long as the weather conditions are suitable. Usually, the flying takes from 10 to 30 minutes of air time.

In the main season, the paragliding tandems are performed every day, as long as the weather enables us that. Paragliding is possible from the morning to the late afternoon, so When you BOOK your spot we will let you know the exact timing.

The take-off point

The take-off point for tandem paragliding is located on the hill faced towards the northeast of Lake Bled. The place named Gače lies at an altitude of 970 m and offers a stunning view of Lake Bled with the island, castle, and surrounding Karavanke mountain range. While our guides will be preparing the paragliding equipment you will be able to witness one of the most amazing views towards Lake Bled.


Weather conditions

Paragliding Lake Bled tandem flying depends on weather and wind direction. Since the weather in Alpine valleys is variable, it can happen that the activity will be postponed or canceled at the last minute. The late spring and summer months are the most stable regarding the weather. However, the safety of our clients and pilots comes so the final decision can sometimes be made right on the take-off spot. In case, the wind is too strong we will suggest another hour or date for the activity or make the full money refund.


Fitness level

We have organized transport to the take-off point, therefore no hiking is required to reach the tandem paragliding starting point. Right before the take-off, there are a few running steps down the hill required, before you will fly up to the air with our pilot.


Pick up point

The tandem paragliding activity starts from Bled city. The pick-up point is on address Ljubljanska Cesta 28, 4260 Bled by the Vila Ula La. You can park your car behind the Vila in the garden. In case, you don’t have your car, we arrange to pick you up from your accommodation (up to 5 km in Bled surroundings) approximately 15 minutes before the paragliding activity.

Shoes and clothing

We recommend you to wear sports (trainers or hiking shoes). Flying with flip flops or sandals is not recommendable since these could fall off during the paragliding flight.

Regarding the clothing, it depends on weather conditions and temperature. Note that the temperature is a bit lower up in the air than on the ground. We recommend you to dress according to the current conditions and bring some extra long sleeves with you (depending on the season). We also recommend taking the sunglasses with you, since the sun is much stronger up in the air.


  • Minimum 25 kilos are required to fly in tandem
  • maximum weight is 120 kilos
  • The activity is not recommended for pregnant women and people with heart issues


The price for tandem paragliding is 120 € per person and it includes:

  • Pick up in the Bled area (3 km)
  • Transport from Lake Bled to the take-off spot
  • Paragliding tandem equipment
  • Experienced, licensed English speaking tandem paragliding pilot
  • Transport from landing point back to Lake Bled

Supplement of 25 €

  • Videos and photos of your flight on USB (recorded with a GoPro camera)

*Please let your paragliding pilot know if you want to have the videos and photos of your flight before the take-off

To book your tandem flight the payment of 30 € is required as a guarantee of the spot. The rest (90 €/person) of the payment can be made on the day of the activity. However, if the activity will be canceled due to the weather forecast you will get the full refund of the paid amount.